November 2022 Commanders Note

Mike Durbin - 11/1/2022

Comrades, the theme of this month is more hands make less work. We have a lot going on as we wind down the calendar year and I would hope everyone would want to participate in something. Just this month, we had 10 post members show on a Saturday and we installed a new beer cooler, which was donated by the Swann family. We took down the dead tree in the front lawn, removed it off premises and snaked and cleared the drain lines to the septic system after having had the septic tank pumped last week. This was accomplished in 2 hours of work. We had 8 Post members and 1 Aux member assist a veteran in distress by assisting him move his household goods after he had been a severe motorcycle accident. Turkey shoots are up and running on Sundays and even though last week was canceled, we have had a good turnout for the two weeks we have fired. We have a Benelli shotgun raffle and ticket sales are underway with the winner to be pulled Dec 17th
(the last Sunday for turkey shoots). We also have the state raffle of Bass Pro tickets underway. We have a blood drive scheduled for 19 Nov. – please donate if you are able: you can sign up for an appointment on the Red Cross website. Dec 10th will be our Christmas party with a Chinese gift exchange. No one does more for Veterans than the VFW.